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A “Flea Market” to Celebrate “November 11” in Advance- A Record of the First Ses...


A “Flea Market” to Celebrate “November 11” in Advance- A Record of the First Session of  Team Building Campaign among Hywin Employees

On the afternoon of October 25, a “Flea Market” was gailyopened at the headquarters of Hywin Financial Holding Group, raising thecurtain for the team building campaign among Hywin employees. It was organizedjointly by the Party Committee and the Labor Union of the group and HywinPublic Welfare Foundation to practice the company’s core values of “hard workand happy life”; to exploit the active roles of the Party Committee and theLabor Union in building the corporate culture, fulfilling the socialresponsibility, and managing the team building of employees; to effectivelyenhance the awareness of the employees to participate in public services andhelp the aged; and to promote exchanges and collaboration between employees.Employees from the group and the member companies were actively involved.

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